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5 Misconceptions About Computers

The Game of Telephone

While we talk to customers everyday about systems, we also listen. There is so much bad information about computers and computer repair that is being passed around from person to person, and it only leads to trouble. Whether it is about hardware, software, Mac vs PC, or free downloads: we hear all of it. Not to say that we know everything, but we do investigate when we don’t know the answer. This is my first piece of advice to you.

If you have a “tech savvy” daughter, or a “computer genius” cousin who, doesn’t work in the field, but is offering you some advice: do some reading before go through with it, or talk to someone in the field.

Next, deal with someone, not only in the IT field, but know their specialty.

A programmer is a programmer.

A web designer is a web designer.

Just because a person uses computers everyday, doesn’t mean they know the difference between SATA and IDE, or why your computer won’t maintain date and time (probably the CMOS battery). Granted, a lot of the people in those fields may have experience fixing their own systems because there is some cross-over.

For example: I just wrote the first heading in this post in HTML, because I know a bit about front end web development, but if someone asked my advice on it; I would tell them to call our friends at Slamdot.  Its always good to learn, right…..

Finally, before we get started, I’m only naming some misconceptions that I have ran into lately, and will likely follow this post up with five more.

 One Program Will Clean Up My Computer

Nope. Even if you saw ,”Clean Up My Computer Fast”, or whatever on television, that doesn’t mean that it will work or even be safe. Typically programs like this are the root problem, or cause them to get worse.

Computer clean-ups and virus removals are typically a fairly difficult process that take several steps. There are programs out there that are great during a clean-up, but you need to know why you are running the program. Does that program apply to your browsers or to your computer start-up? Does it remove viruses, or does it remove bloatware?

This is why we recommend a technician. He or she will recognize the issue and find a solution, be it a program, or manual clean-up. Programs simply can’t determine cause and solution all by themselves, especially if there is more than one problem.

Removing My Data and Pictures Will Speed up My Computer

Deleting files does not speed up your computer

Well….unless your hard drive is almost completely full, this also isn’t true. You can save photos, music, and the rest of your data until cows come home and it will not effect speed until you start reaching the capacity of your hard drive. In most cases, slowness is because you haven’t had your computer serviced in a while. We typically recommend clean-ups every 6 months or so, depending on your usage. It can also be due to failing hardware, such as your hard drive going out. Also, you may not have enough ram (memory) for the amount of programs that you are running.

And yes…it could be a virus, but not necessarily.

Viruses and Malware Come from Porn!!!

Computer Virus
An example of an actual computer virus.


Well…yes and no. You can pick up some bad programs from adult websites, but you can just as easily get it from a recipe website, or looking up a motorcycle manual. We have even seen viruses come in through research for Sunday School.

What does this mean? Be careful. Don’t go click crazy, and stick to websites that you know are safe.

Also, you can’t automatically blame your kids for the virus problem….

I’m Buying a New System so I Need High Specs!

This all depends on what you are using your system for. Every big box store will try to up-sell you to a system with a 2 terabyte hard drive, 8 GB’s of Ram, and an i7 processor, but most likely, you don’t need it. If you are just surfing the web, checking emails, and doing some word processing; a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB’s of ram, and a dual core will be perfectly fine, and likely be nicer to your wallet. The only time you will need high specs is when what you are doing demands it. Gaming, design, and other demanding tasks may require high specifications.

The thing that you are really looking for in a computer is the quality of hardware. As far as we have found, Lenovo offers the highest quality of laptop on the market. If you are looking for a desktop, always go custom build, and you will know exactly what parts are in your system.

Check out our new inventory page for examples here.

I Have an Anti-Virus…How Did I Get a Virus?

We recommend Panda Antivirus
We recommend Panda Antivirus Pro for Consumer Use

I know that the name of these programs may lead you to believe that they will protect you from all viruses, but they won’t. They will protect you from known viruses updated in their database, but as for the virus that was created by some dude in Illinois while I was writing this post…nope.

I always compare anti-viruses to the seat belt in your car. You want to be safe and wear it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be saved from a car crash.

Anti-virus programs do work, but the real responsibility is in the hands of the user. Stay away from obvious scams. Be extremely careful downloading online games, screen savers, wallpapers, etc. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As for direct hits from hackers…I don’t want to say it won’t happen to you, but it probably won’t. The risk is to great to hit a normal user. They are looking for businesses or other organizations that will have a big pay out. If a hacker got my bank account information, they would be sorely disappointed with the pay out, and still have the probability of getting caught.

For businesses with several end users, Computer Depot Inc. recommends Sophos for business clients. Click the image for a free quote!


Hope this helps, and stay safe out there!

Caleb Humphries, Sevier County Regional Manager

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.