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Antivirus on iOS?

The owner of Computer Depot Inc, Thomas Hill, was recently on the radio and was asked a question over the phone, as to whether or not you should install an anti-virus on your iPhone. Thomas promised that customer that he would go into further detail on our Facebook page, and so I thought I would include it in the blog. Lets be clear here. We are talking about Apple’s operating system for there phones, not their desktop OSX. OSX can get viruses, though not as readily as PCs running Windows. Some argue that this is due to the market share being so uneven. For those who have been told that all Apple computers are virus free: unfortunately they are not.

Mac Infected
Macbook infected with the FBI virus.

But, as far as  iOS  is concerned, Apple’s stance is that it doesn’t need one.

The company is confident that built in security measures and their “Walled Garden” will be enough. Apple protects it’s phones by rigorously testing apps sold in the App store. If you use the phone as intended, you supposedly won’t need an anti-virus. Outside apps can be installed if you have performed a jailbreak on your phone, but this is obviously not the use intended by Apple.

Some argue that this though is a bit overconfident, see Eugene Kaspersky’s opinon, but I do have to admit that as a technician, I have never seen an infected iPhone.

On the other hand, there are options for Android devices including: AVG, Avast, and Avira. However, I have only seen one infected Android device in my shop. Whenever installing an antivirus, always take into consideration the amount of resources it will require to run on you phone, tablet, or even computer.

So, after consulting with an Apple technician, and further research, it looks like it is not recommended to install an anti-virus on your iPhone. Whether or not you think that is bulletproof, is completely up to you.

Caleb Humphries

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