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Assessing Your Business Network


At Computer Depot Inc.: our number one priority is to keep our customer’s happy. I don’t think that our business is alone in this thinking. This model is tried an true, and as long as your customers are pleased with your service your business will be more successful. In turn, your employees will be more successful and therefore more rewarded and willing to be better at their particular job. This is a circle that keeps turning, and all involved will be rewarded by the model.

This brings up the question, “how do you keep your customers happy?” Well, of course there is the matter of customer service, first and foremost. Treat them with respect and 9 times out of 10 they will return the favor. Sometimes you may even bend the rules a little so that you can keep a customer who has an unusual situation. The list of things that you as an employer can implement to keep your customers happy is pretty boundless.

Time Management

So, this isn’t really a lecture on how to run your business. The point that I am trying to get at is that, behind all of the customer service practices that you implement, you will still have to perform the job well, and in a timely manner.

In today’s modern office that can depend heavily on production time, which in turn depends on a speedy and optimized network. If you are spending all of your time Googling how to set up a new user on Active Directory, then you aren’t spending it researching new products. If you spend months researching whether you want to use a NAS system for your companies data, or store directly on your server, then you aren’t spending it training your staff.

The real point is that a lot of business owners will over-extend themselves trying to do everything. I completely understand, as I often spread myself thin. The unfortunate thing is that if you aren’t very familiar with business networking practices, I can almost guarantee that you will make yourself miserable trying to conquer it and your business.


Not only does setting up an efficient network benefit your business, but it also brings up the challenge of protecting it. Some companies store extremely sensitive data, and more are required to keep years of it on file. This can be an overwhelming situation for not only the business owner, but especially your customer.

New and terrible viruses are built daily that are aimed at such a farm of data. The infamous Cryptolocker virus, which is still wreaking havoc, was built solely to encrypt files so that the owner could no longer read them, unless they paid a hefty ransom. I have had to recover data from this virus for a business customer, and let me tell you that you never want to go through it.

Picking what security is the best, while not slowing you down can often be daunting.

Don’t let your IT needs slow your business down.

Computer Depot Business, Your Managed Service Provider


For all of the above, we have created Computer Depot Business. We can become your organization’s IT specialist, without all of the in-house cost. The best certified network technicians with the best advice.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Network and Security Assessment to qualified companies.  That’s a $500 value!!! Visit our business service website here for more information.

Caleb Humphries

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