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The FBI Virus

  Does the FBI Want Your Money? Back in the summer of 2008, I had the chance to see what a real computer virus epidemic looked like. It was called “Antivirus Pro 2008,” “XP Antivirus Pro,” or “Antivirus Pro 2009.” There were other names it went by; but, in the world of malicious software, it […]

“The Hidden Value”

We’ve all been there. You need help. You’ve got some sort of electronic something or other, but you have a question, or a problem. What do you do? That’s easy! Call the 800 number on the bottom of the device! Eager (or frustrated) and looking for answers, you dial the number, anticipating a friendly, knowledgeable, […]

“iStill Prefer Android”

Android VS iPhone So, the iPhone 5 is out. Suprisingly, I am hearing mixed reviews. Some people like the new features, while others lament that it still has the same annoying shortcomings as all 5 of its iPredecessors. I keep hearing about the necessity for umpteen adapters to get it to connect to anything else, […]