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<p>9am - 5:30pm, M-F</p><br> Sat-Sun, spent with friends and family.

Computer Depot Services

Just Ask Policy

Recently, we took a poll of our customers to see how we might be able to improve our services, and one of the questions we asked was, “What services do you wish we offered that we currently don’t?”
There were definitely some great suggestions that we are working into our business plan, but there were some suggestions that we actually already offer.
So, we thought we would highlight some of these services that may not be listed in our stores, or are performed by request.
One thing to bear in mind is that it never hurts to ask. Computer Depot, our top priority is our customer service, and if we can do anything to help, or make your visit more convenient, we will do so.

Express Service

We do, in fact, offer what we call priority service. Typically businesses take advantage of this, since time is such a factor.
For an additional fee, your computer will be moved to the front of the line, and will receive priority over all others.
This may not be necessary for all customers as our service typically only takes 24-48 hours for repair and in some cases much less time. When you drop your system off at any of our locations we will do our best to give you an estimate of how long the repair might take.

Tips and Tricks

Not only will our techs offer you help as time allows in our shops, but we also offer monthly blog posts, videos, a bi-monthly newsletter, social media, and radio content. All of the above contain helpful tips on computer maintenance, tech news, reviews, sales, and much more.
Also, we welcome suggestions for posts, videos, and news.
Click the link to view – Blog, videos, Newsletter, Radio

Web Design

Though Computer Depot doesn’t offer web design, we can definitely point you to some great local content creators. They can be viewed in the top menu of our website, or here. – First Fruit Designs, Slamdot

Home Repair/ Pickup/ Delivery

All of these services are offered through our onsite technicians.

Mac/Apple Repairs

Computer Depot does offer repairs on Apple products as well as Linux installations.

Remote Service

We do offer remote repairs, but typically it is in your best interest and far less expensive to bring your system into the store.

After Hours Assistance

Although we can’t keep our stores open 24/7, we do and have on several occasions work with our customers who need special appointments made before or after hours.

Tablet Repairs

Computer Depot has several experienced technicians that make it possible to offer tablet and iPad repairs. You can see details here.

Special Requests

Now that we have covered some of the services that we may not outright advertise but do offer, remember that at Computer Depot, our customers are our number one priority. We are always open to suggestions, and will typically be able to help you with all of your computer related issues. If we can’t help, we can likely point you to someone who can, and diagnostics are always free, so the price of your request will never be a surprise.
Please do not hesitate to ask one of our store managers if you have a special circumstance that we can help you with.
One last note:
If you have suggestions/requests for quick videos walkthroughs, reviews, or simply have a quick question feel free to post it to our Facebook page, send us a message, or tweet us below.

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