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“Gigabytes, Gigahertz? What is this stuff?” (Part 4)

Lets Talk About Optical Drives

Optical drives are the CD drives and/or DVD drives that come in the majority of computers. Some small laptops (netbooks) do not ship with optical drives at all, but the majority of computers ship with at least one optical drive.

There are several types of optical drives. Some drives perform “read-only” functions, while others are also capable of “burning” (creating) CDs and/or DVDs. Specific types of optical drives are CD players (CD-ROM), CD burners(CD-RW), DVD players (DVD-ROM), DVD burners (DVD-RW), Blu-ray players (BD-ROM) , and Blu-ray burners (BD-RW). There are also DVD combo drives that will play DVDs and burn CDs, and Blu-ray combo drives that will play Blu-ray discs and burn CDs and DVDs.

Modern new computers ship with at least a DVD burner (DVD-RW) which will allow you play and burn both CDs and DVDs. Higher-end models ship with Blu-ray players or even burners.

*** If you typically back up your information to CDs or DVDs, this is for you! ***
Many people have grown accustomed to backing up their data to CDs and DVDs, but this really is not the best solution anymore. CDs and DVDs are easily scratched and damaged, and the act of actually creating them is much more complicated than other back methods. Backing up your data to flash drives, external hard drives, or even online storage is a much better choice than burning CDs or DVDs–both, because it is easier, and because the data is much safer (You cannot “scratch” a flash drive!!)

I recognize this has probably been the single least-exciting post ever, but there just really is not much to say about optical drives. It is pretty easy stuff! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and I will be happy to address it.

Check back next week; I am sure we will have something MUCH more exciting to talk about. 🙂

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