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Do You Need That Upgrade?

I was going to write a long and in depth look at whether you needed to update you gaming system, work computer, or school device but: I found someone who did a better job that I could do. That video is below, but first, just a few words from us.

Save Money

Before you go out and buy a new computer, or the latest and greatest processor to throw in your gaming system, ask yourself one question: Do I need this?

If you play Fortnite, 95% of the time that you are gaming and it doesn’t require an upgrade, then why would you do it?

Also, keep in mind that the nature of technology implies that you could only be slightly increasing your power, for a lot of money. Be sure that you need the newest video card, before you go out and buy it just so you can post it on instagram.

Anyway, with that said: sometimes a little maintenance from a professional might give you the speed you need, or a better recommendation on what peripherals need to be updated. So speak with us, or your local computer repair shop first.

A Little More Information

Without further adieu, here is a great video on how these major parts companies can convince you to update, when you might not really need it.

Caleb Humphries

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