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DriveHQ Cloud Solutions (Software Review)

What is the Cloud?

cloud software

It really depends on your what you are planning to do with “the cloud”. In simple terms – the cloud is a network of servers and all of these servers have a different function. However these servers can communicate via the internet.

In most cases the cloud is used is a system of data storage over the internet, or used to host applications such as Instagram, and the new subscription based Photoshop. What we will be looking at today will be data storage.

Cloud based data storage is used for many functions within its self. It can be used for web hosting, business data storage, or as a secure and active way of backing up your data. DriveHQ, a cloud management company located in the famous Silicon Valley, has been my testing grounds for cloud based backup.


After researching the company and it’s competitors, I found that the pricing was ridiculously low compared to other services such as Dropbox, Google, Carbonite, and OneDrive. However my pricing was for a business client who required a large amount of storage space, and certain features, so this may not be true in all situations. Depending on how you plan on using cloud services, you will need to compare each company for pricing, security, functionality and features.

Set Up

My client required a large amount of storage, security, WebDav drive mapping, FTP access and continuous daily backups. So in their case, I took advantage of basically most of the features of DriveHQ. Setting this system up was relatively easy, and customer service support was awesome. So, lets take a look at some of the features that DriveHQ includes in their “Enterprise Services”.  As I will only cover some my favorite features, you can visit DriveHQ for a full list of options.


DriveHQ provides you with it’s own FTP client that will quickly do your initial upload of large amounts of data and quickly download it when you need it. This is where I began. If you want to transfer a large amount of data quickly: FTP is secure and a faster option than most. I began by using DriveHQ’s FTP software to upload all of the data for my client.


Simply put: WebDav is a way to map a network drive to data that is stored on the cloud. It is the simplest way to view your backups if you prefer to view your folders in a Windows directory style. Also, their WebDav software is a quick download that you can assign user access to from any location. So if one employee needs fast access to the backups, they can view them outside of your network, domain, or anywhere really. DriveHQ also provides a Dropbox for your users to share and move files.

Online Backup Tool

My favorite feature that is provided by the company is their Online Backup Tool. With this option, you can set up automatic backups to run at basically anytime you see fit. In my client’s case, we set up continuous backups at both offices. This way, if a file was lost or deleted, even shortly after making the file, it could be retrieved quickly. Also, the software is capable of file versioning, in the case that you need an older version of the file you are looking for.


DriveHQ provides a certain level of security that you may not be able to provide with an onsite backup. To quote their website, “DriveHQ’s Online Backup client software automatically backs up your data to our secure and reliable servers. Our data centers have 24/7 onsite security and surveillance, and uses multiple layers of redundancy to ensure the best security for your content.”


Overall, I would recommend this company to any mid-size to large business in need of secure data storage. On a personal level, there may be other options, but I can say with confidence that DriveHQ is secure, simple, and has great customer service.

9 out of 10 CD Stars!

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