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“The Mantle Isn’t the Only Thing You Should Dust”

Dusty Computer?

Everything breaks. Yes, that includes everything. I can already hear the emotional outcry from Mac owners and fanboys, “Macs never break! Macs rule!” I am so sorry to inform you of the contrary. We have seen enough Apple computers in our shop to know that that is simply not the case. Everything breaks at some point. Cars stop working and need maintenance. Houses deteriorate and need maintenance. I certainly hope that we all agree that routine maintenance and cleaning is vital in the care of one’s own body! The fact is, nothing can go on forever without maintenance.

I have heard it said that if people treated their cars like they treated their computers, the car lots would be filled with people every day who would rather buy a brand new car than put $40 into theirs in order to change their oil, or $500 into them to change the tires; and every junkyard would be filled to the brim because of people who either refused to or did not know they were supposed to either.

Your computer needs maintenance! Most notably, it needs to be cleaned. I do not mean wiping the screen and the exterior down from time to time, although that is aesthetically important. I am talking about the inside. Don’t worry! You don’t have to have any mechanical or technical know-how to do this! If you have a laptop, take a can of compressed air (available just about anywhere) and routinely blow it into the brass heatsink on the side and the fan on the underside, if accessible. You may very well be shocked how much dust comes out of even the smallest laptop. If you have a desktop, take it out from the tiny cubby-hole in which you have it stashed, take off the side panel (A simple Google search will show you how to do that if you don’t know how) and use the same compressed air on it. There will be dust accumulated on the fans, and in the front grill. Do this once every 2-3 months at the least. And no matter what you do, DO NOT USE A VACUUM CLEANER.

Vacuum cleaners build static electricity, and you can destroy your computer that way.

Dust is the great enemy of computers. It’s the silent killer, like a cancer inside your PC. You don’t know it’s there until you look, and not looking can have grave consequences. Dust is an insulator, meaning it creates a hospitable environment for heat–and heat will destroy any machine. Increased heat means increased wear on all critical components of your PC. Electrical capacitors on the motherboard, fans that keep the CPU and case cool, bearings inside the hard drive–all of these are gradually destroyed daily in a hot PC. Not routinely blowing out your PC is the equivalent of never checking the coolant level in your car–eventually, your engine will get too hot, with nothing to keep it cool. Then, take a guess who will be shopping for a $400-$1,000 PC instead of a $7 can of compressed air?

Ask any mechanic who works on anything–maintenance is better than repair.

Au revoir,

Scott Davis
Store Manager and Lead Technician
Powell Location

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.