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Easiest Gaming Mod Ever?? – SNES

Gaming Modifications

So, continuing with our gaming series, since it has been a popular one: today we take a look at modding a North American Super Nintendo, so that you are able to play Super Famicom (Japanese) games on this “region locked” device.

NES Region Lock and Video Chip

In Nintendo’s older device, the Nintendo Entertainment System, there was a chip installed that prevented you from playing unlicensed games. Also, Famicom games (Japan’s version of the NES) had a completely different amount of connection pins. A leg on this chip can be disconnected inside of the NES to allow unlicensed games, and adapters have been made to adjust for the pin difference – for example, here is the Honey Bee.

How to Play Famicom Games on your Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo, however is quiet possibly the easiest region lock to break…literally, you have to break two plastic pieces, and you are done. In the following video, we show you not only this, but a tear down of the SNES. Taking the SNES completely apart not only makes the breaking of the plastic easier and cleaner, but prevents plastic from falling and being forever trapped inside.


Tools Needed:

Gaming Screwdriver/Bit

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Pliers or wire cutters

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.