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Fing Network Tools Application

A Network Technician’s Best Friend?

Is this really the best phone application for a Network Technician, System Administrator, or IT manager? I don’t know, maybe? There are a ton on the app store and Google Play. However, in my time using it, I have found it extremely useful when onsite at an unfamiliar network. Need to setup network printers, find the your gateway, RDPs, and so on without pulling out your own laptop and typing endless commands and scripts for all of this info? This is the application for you.

Since I began using the app directly on my phone, they have also added desktop versions for Windows, OSX, and Linux. This hasn’t been incredibly useful for myself, as I typically use this app as a quick reference or IP addresses on a network. Using other applications from my work computer has been more beneficial to me so far, but I can’t make a true judgment call on this since I haven’t spent as much time with the desktop application. So, for our purposes today, we will only be looking at the phone/tablet version of the software.

The Interface

Fing has a very simple, clean, and easy to use interface that makes quick reference to an IP address on your LAN feasible within a few seconds, be it Ethernet or Wi-Fi. When you scan the network, each device found shows an icon that indicates what you are looking at, a description of the device, the manufacturer, and IP and MAC address.

At the very top of your IP list you will find the name of the network, and the amount of devices out of the total previously found that are there and connected.   fing interface

When you click on the device in your list, you will find options for re-naming the device, location, NetBIOS info. Also you will find commands to ping the device, trace it’s route, wake on LAN, and even block the device. If you truly integrate the application with your network, you will find all kinds of uses for it in regular day use. Simply finding and identifying devices when I am onsite at a clients network has been the most useful thing that I have found.

Fing App Review

The Only Application you will Ever Need?

No. Of course not.

Maintaining your client networks for security, speed, and optimization will always take more than one application. BUT, Fing is coming up with all kinds of uses for their software in conjunction with new products like the Fingbox, and the Fingkit, and I can see myself using this app and possibly more of there products into the future.

Their new item, the Fingbox, which I would love to get my hands on (*hint – send me one please!!!), is now on indiegogo, here.

I am sure they can explain it better than I, so here you go:

Download the app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overlook.android.fing&hl=en

Learn More – https://www.fing.io/

Fingbox in Indiegogo – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fingbox-network-security-wi-fi-troubleshooting#/

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