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Fitness Freaks: MyFitnessPal Application

Yep, its another application review. We got a good response from the last one, so we will probably be making this a regular occurrence! Stayed tuned for more.

My fitness pal review

Staying on Track

Calling a bodybuilders, power lifters, cross fitters, and runners. An app is in town that might just make your life easier, and it is called MyFitnessPal.

If you are already a gym regular, you may have already heard of this popular app, but if you are just getting started or just want to take off a few pounds, this is a great way to track your progress. This app covers everything from calories, to macros, to body weight.

Starting out, you will need to put in your information such as your current weight, your goal weight, and your activity level. MyFitnessPal will take your information about your current body type and estimate what type of calorie regimen you will need to be on to reach your goal.  You can take advantage of such features as your daily calorie goals, meal reminders, and step tracking. As you add to your diary, you can see how you are progressing, and if you are meeting the requirements to make your goals. You can do all of this without entering all the ingredients on your meals, because MyFitnessPal has a huge database of nutrition facts for very specific meals, be they pre-package or home cooked.

There are tons of features with this application such as step tracking (it will also work with outside tracking devices) that I don’t even use, so i am going to cover the main features that I use on a day to day basis.

Macro Tracking

I am not huge on cutting calories, because I spend a ton of time at the gym, but I do track my macros by using the IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macros) diet. This particular way of eating concentrates mostly on the amount of macro-nutrients that you take in. With IIFYM, you spend most of your time tracking your protein, fats, and carbohydrate intake. As you could imagine, this could be really daunting to do manually, especially if your aren’t incredibly about your weight concerned like me.

Because of MyfitnessPal’s gigantic database, I don’t have to read every label of every food that I eat. Most of these macro-nutrients are already there for you, and MyFitnessPal had IIFYM in mind, because you can also set your goals where it is concerned.

This feature saves me tons of time and effort throughout the day, as I just want to be healthy and not spend all my time reading labels.

Scanning Product Labels

YES!!!! This is my favorite part of this application!

You do have the option of looking up particular foods in the database, but this app also provides a scanning feature that will let you use your phone’s camera to scan the black label. After the scan is in, all you have to do is putting in the servings and you are finished entering information. One less thing for you to do, so you have more time for the gym, or family, or cracking open a computer.

Tracking and Sharing

To top it all off, this application will let you know when you are hitting your goals and when you have slacked off. It’s like a little coach in your pocket. You can also share all of this info with your followers if you wish, and take a look at your favorite fitness guru’s profile to learn what they are doing.

I personally don’t share my profile, but the option is there if you need that extra push from a community of fitness peeps. The application is available on iOS, android, and on the web.

So, go out there and try it out if you like. In my opinion, this is a  great tool for anyone who is trying to lose or maintain weight. I would especially recommend this tool for any beginner out there, who doesn’t yet know how their body reacts to certain macros. It is a great learning tool, to get started towards a healthier life.

Check out the web-top version here.


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