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Free Utilities Part I

Free Utilities: Some are Actually Useful

Typically, I tell most customers to avoid anything that is listed as FREE on the internet to avoid spyware, and viruses. Most of the time if you search for anything that is listed as free, you are going to run into some issues: Either, it doesn’t actually work, or your system will be moving even slower than it was before.
A ton of customer’s come in with spyware and adware on their system that they picked up from free software online, that supposedly “speeds up your pc”, or is an “optimizer”. Customers even franticly explain that they saw the ad for this software on television. Unfortunately, that does not make it a viable answer to you slowness problem.

First of all, it needs to be discovered what is causing the system to move slowly. Is it a virus, or does your system need an optimization or “tune-up”? If you are a lucky one, who has avoided a virus, and actually just need to optimize your system; there are a few utilities that you can use along the way, including free ones. An optimization is certainly not limited to these utilities, and can include a lot more in depth work, but these are better alternatives than the typical mock example:

One really great utility is called Ccleaner. This program can be installed on the system, or you can actually get a portable version for your flash drive. The upside is that it is very simple to use. Simply click the Analyze button, and after it is finished click the Run Cleaner button. When that is done, you are finished. DO NOT RUN THE REGISTRY CLEANER. As a matter of fact, never run any sort of registry cleaners. This can cause problems that may lead to a Format and Reinstall.
Ccleaner can be found on CNET, or at http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner.
In part II of the Free Utilities series, we will check out some options to remove pesky programs that can’t be removed in Control Panel, and delete Bloat ware.
Until then,

Caleb Humphries – Sevierville
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