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Software Review: Google Play/ Music Manager

Free Software Review (A New Series)

In past blogs, I have talked about free utilities that are really helpful with removing spyware and doing general system clean-up. I thought I embark on a new series that relates but is a bit different. There are tons and tons of stuff online that are just plain-out cool.

I am music lover and I have a gigantic collection of LPs, cds, and mp3 files. So, I have tested out alot of players and library software. In my experience Google Play’s music manager has been by far the coolest. This software really comes in handy if you have android devices with the Play store.

You want to start by doing a google search for Google Music manager and install it on your system. This is all made easier if you have a google account, ( which I use for a ton of online features).

After the manager is installed on your system, you can point to the music that you want to add to google’s cloud. What is the cloud you ask? In its most basic description, it is storing data online, so that it can later be streamed from anywhere.

The music manager will add your files from your music folder, and even export from itunes.

After your entire (or chosen) collection of music is uploaded to google’s database, you can now install “Play Music” on your android devices and stream your music collection from anywhere without taking up storage on your phone.

Your music can also be accessed from any computer by logging into your google account and clicking on the play button at the top and then selecting My Music. So if Pandora just doesn’t get you, like in my case; you can listen to your personal library at work, in the gym, or at the laundromat.

Play also offers up the opportunity to store and stream books, movies, etc. You can even access your applications to update or remove them.

Here is a screen shot of my Music online (and I am even accessing it at work as we speak.)

As you can see, my available artwork is uploaded, and Google even makes instant mixes for you, if you just want some quick music to listen too while you are say, writing a blog post.

Final Thoughts

Just wanted to share this little tid-bit with you. Of course having a Google account has a lot more advantages such as document sharing, calenders, and such. This one seems be over-looked by a lot of people, and I happen to think that it is extremely cool. Of course, I do all of this while using chrome.

Until next time,

Caleb Humphries
Store Manager and Google fanboy – Sevierville

Caleb Humphries

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