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There is no question that the Internet is going to define this generation. Imagine how less useful and/or fun the Internet would be without these household terms:

1) YouTube
2) Facebook
3) Twitter
4) eBay
5) Google
6) Craigslist

These are listed in no particular order, but each one has in its own way brought drastic changes to the way people think of and use the Internet.

One of the biggest players in this list is the social media giant Facebook. It is incredible how quickly one simple idea could transform into a digital revolution like it has. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is now the youngest living billionaire on the planet–and he got there by providing the world’s largest freesocial network. Take away every other item on the list, and you will likely still have the same number of people accessing the Internet. There is no question about it; Facebook is beyond huge.

However, Facebook has a new competitor that is beginning to sink its toes into the wet sand of social media. Google+ has begun its beta launch, and it is already making great strides. One of the most interesting features of Google+ is its “hangouts” which is a very innovative take on group video chat. Facebook has also recently launched its newest feature, video chat, which takes advantage of Skype technology.

Only time will tell whose video chat is going to become more popular, but it will be interesting to watch how this promising newcomer to social media eventually stacks up to the Facebook phenomenon.

Google+ is currently invitational-only, as it is still in its early testing stages, but if you happen to get an invitation, you should check it out.

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