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“Happy New Computer!”

Happy New Year!

Oh wait… that was three days ago. I’m sorry everyone. I’ve been a little behind lately.

In celebration of the new year, I decided to finally perform some long-desired upgrades to my computer. Some of you may know that my computer is not an HP or a Dell—it’s custom-built. And I’m pretty sure it’s nicer than yours.

Yeah, I am. Seriously.

Here are the specs:
4.2 GHz AMD FX-8350 8-core Processor
120 GB SATA III 6.0 GB/s Solid State Drive (SSD) (Used for my operating system + programs)
(2) 2.0 TB SATA III 6.0 Gb/s Hard Drive Disks in RAID (Mirror) (Used to store and back-up my data)
2.0 TB SATA III 6.0 Gb/s Hard Drive Disk as external backup
Blu-ray Combo Drive with DVD+/-RW
nVidia GeForce GTX 480 1.5 GB GDDR5 384-bit GPU
Windows 8 Pro w/ Media Center 64-bit

It may seem as if I’m being braggadocios, but what I’m really trying to do is inspire you. I want to inspire you to NEVER buy an HP, Dell, or Acer desktop computer ever again. Instead—Do what I did. Go custom. You almost ALWAYS get a higher quality computer, and you ALWAYS have more options for upgrades. We build these at Computer Depot every day. And we feel so strongly about them, we back them with a THREE-YEAR WARRANTY THAT WE SERVICE LOCALLY. You can even choose to have us come to your home and install it for you. How cool is that? I think very.

Oh, and they start at $699…which, as you may notice, is about the average price for a quality new computer from just about anywhere… and that’s only with a one-year warranty.

Ours is three.

Did I mention that already? Hmm… Well, it’s a three-year warranty.

That’s 1…2…3 years you don’t have to worry about your computer dying.

I’m not a salesman. But I know quality, and I know customer service. And we deliver on both–if you’re interested in that sort of thing. If you prefer calling India when you have computer problems, or if you prefer purchasing sub-par products loaded with unnecessary software, look for the big yellow tag off of I-40. Or better yet, go where they advertise “low prices” above anything else. And make sure you talk to the people working behind the counter. They only hire top-notch technicians who really know their stuff. ^_^

Happy New Computer!

Scott Davis
Store Manager
Powell Location

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.