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“HP Computers To Become a Thing of the Past?”

HP to Change Business Model?

Yeah, I was surprised too. Check this article.

I certainly never saw this one coming. Apparently, HP has announced that it is going to cease its production of PCs in favor of embracing a new future as a business software company.

Although it is surprising, I am not actually shocked to see such a change. In this economy, there is no question that any successful company has to evolve in order to stay afloat. Even Computer Depot, with its years of success as a local business, is starting to change. Don’t worry! We plan to still offer the same great service to all of our local customers! We are, however, also taking on the maintenance of several local county school systems, and beginning a renewed emphasis on our Computer Depot Business branch.

I bet you never imagined your HP computer would become a relic, did you? I fully expect to see someone trying to sell a “New in box” HP laptop on Antique Roadshow here in about ten years. Ha! I seriously doubt that HP computers are going to obtain “antique” status, but who knows? What is more likely is that another company purchases HP’s product line and continues to sell it under a new name, much as Lenovo did with IBM laptops several years ago.

I am honestly sorry to see HP go. I will miss repairing many of them 1-6 months after their warranties expire. 🙂

Au revoir,

Scott Davis
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