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“iDon’t,” “iCan’t, or “iWon’t?”

June 2, 2011

The new decade is thus far proving to be a battle of the toys. Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing out there. How many of you have seen the new “pads” or “tablets” that have been showing up everywhere? It seems as if every company on the planet is jumping on the tablet bandwagon. Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry… the list of tablets goes on and on.

Many people do not realize this, but tablet PC’s have been around for a very long time. Within the past year, however, they have received a fresh, new gust of wind and hype spurred along by clever advertising and their new slimmer, sleeker designs. The credit for this revived interest in tablets can be laid at the feet of one company–Apple. The “iPad” has become a household term, and this is the product that started it all over again. As always with Apple, their product design and marketing are untouchable. Who could resist the temptation of buying such an awesome new toy? With a $599 price tag, however, I should hope that many of you will do your research before making such a purchase.

The iPad and iPad 2 have certain limitations. Big limitations.

I could go on and on about the perks, the specs, the pros, and cons of the iPad and its major competitors, but more than likely, I would not be able to keep your interest for that long, so let’s just isolate two big problems with the iPad, and then you can do a little more digging and find the product that is right for you.

iDon’t do Flash. That’s right. The iPad does not support Flash. That means CBS.com, NBC.com, ABC.com, FoxNews.com, YouTube.com… any website that uses Flash will NOT be visible on your iPad. Several of these website have “Apps” you can download in order to watch their videos, but the HTTP://WWW.______.COM websites will NOT work on the iPad.

iDidn’t come with a USB port. Do you have a USB flash drive you would like to use to transfer files from your PC to your brand-spankin’ new iPad? Do you have a USB printer you want to connect to your iPad? Do you have a digital camera or any other device you would like to connect via USB?Well too bad! Because iHave nowhere to plug it in!

Well, there you have it–two major limitations of the iPad and the new iPad2 Jr. You may wonder, “Why didn’t Apple include these features?” The answer is simple really. iDon’t know. To me, it’s like having a shiny new car that goes 0-60 in -2 seconds but isn’t allowed on the Interstate or in Drive-thrus.

Consider Android tablets instead. Costs start at $99 and can provide you with much better features. Plus, it’s Google–which should be the best reason to ever do anything, from buying a tablet to getting married. If she does not use Google, she isn’t the one for you.

Au revoir,

Scott Davis
Store Manager and Lead Technician
Powell Location


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