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Internet Explorer is Vulnerable

Internet Explorer 9 Bug images


The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, and its United Kingdom counterpart are now recommending that users switch to another browser, because of Zero-Day Exploit.

Computer Depot Inc. always recommends using Google Chrome as your browser, but as of this news, we strongly advise it. The exploit in Internet Explorer can cause malware to install on your system that may gain access to personal information.

Google Chrome is faster and safer at this point, and the best part is that it is free. To download chrome, simply visit google.com/chrome, click download, and install the browser. From then on, simply click on chrome when you want to get online.  If it asks to be set to your default browser, answer yes. Internet Explorer can’t be uninstalled, as it is part of windows, but you can delete your short-cuts to avoid accidental usage.

Firefox, Safari, Opera, and others are also safe alternatives, but our tests have concluded that Chrome is the safest and fastest browser available.

Not sure what this is all about? Give us a call. If you think your system may already contain malware,visit one of our shops for a free diagnostic! Visit our Facebook page or website below for even more information!

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