iPad and Tablet Repair

iPad and Tablet Repair

Repairing Your Tablet

Tablets are a useful and fun technology. In fact, they are growing increasingly popular. Most households are adopting them just as they did the laptop. Unfortunately, like cellphones, the most common issue with iPads or tablets are broken screens. Are tablets thin, compact, and very portable? Yes. Are they also fairly fragile and easy to drop? Yes, again.

What Can Go Wrong With a Tablet?

Software Issues

Screen Damage

Dead Wireless Cards

Broken home/power buttons, etc.

Fear Not: When it comes to tablet and iPad repair, Computer Depot Inc. has you covered.


Pictured above is an iPad brought into our shop with unattached and broken digitizer, a torn wireless flex cable, and a torn power flex cable.


Pictured below is the same iPad after Computer Depot completed repairs. The torn cables were found during the digitizer replacement, and repaired.

Toshiba Thrive Tablet Repair



*Pitfalls of an iPad or Tablet Repair

Returning a tablet to the original factory condition is virtually impossible because of the possibility of tool marks, debris, smudges, and after-market parts. In most cases the original manufacturers do not offer repair because of this reason. Although your iPad or tablet will be returned in working condition, be aware that because of design: tool marks and possible debris under the digitizer are almost unavoidable. Computer Depot will however, do its best to return your tablet back to you in the best condition possible.