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“zomg I’m infected! But I’m using a Mac! :(“

Apple and the Myths

One of the hardest battles we face at Computer Depot is the battle against false impressions. Allow me to list a few:

1) Dell makes the best computer. Anywhere. Period.

2) $700 is too much to pay for a good laptop when, “You can buy one at Wal-Mart for $400.”

3) It is better to spend $500 for a new computer than it is to spend $150 to repair a used computer.

4) Macs do not get viruses.

Every day we do business, we combat at least one of these false impressions. One of the more difficult ones to deal with is #4, because it is so near to the truth. Tens of thousands of Mac users around the country have fallen prey to this mistruth. They unwittingly spend two or three times more than they should on their newest laptop (Macs start at $1200. Netbook PCs start under $400.)  in order to avoid having to battle with viruses and malware, such as one would with a PC. While it is true that Macs are susceptible to less viruses than PC users, I would like everyone reading this post to consult the following independent article indicating that Mac users have begun to face the same sort of threats. Kudos to my colleague, Christopher Painter, for this discovery.


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