Maintaining Classic Games (Part 2)


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Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Much like our last installment of maintaining classic games, we have created an instructional video for cleaning SNES cartridges that have that unsightly gunk build up. Also, if you happen to run into a cart that the seller seems to think isn’t salvageable, you can still go forward with the purchase, and you might even get a deal. I have purchased tons of discounted games and systems marked as damaged, only to find that they needed a little cleaning. In this video, you will see me cleaning my cartridge of Castlevania IV, which can be a bit pricey. I got a nice discount because it didn’t play consistently. After this thorough cleaning, it never fails.

When cleaning and maintaining your SNES carts, you will need the same exact materials that you needed for your NES.

NES security bit driver

Paper Towels

Eraser (preferably with grit)


Rubbing Alcohol

Duster (Preferably Blow-Off)

Without further delay, let’s get to it!

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