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Top 5 Tech YouTubers

Why These Channels?

I want to share with you, just some of the Youtubers, who have helped me through my career as a computer technician and IT Manager. I’m planning on sticking with channels that teach rather that entertain. However some of them successfully crossover into the “entertainment” content category.

Speaking of relevance: some of these creators may have fell off of the popularity train, but most still have great info to offer.

All of this is just my opinion, and I’m partial to some of these characters because, I have been watching them for so long.

5 – Eli the Computer Guy

Eli has some amazing information, and for those of you really trying to dive deep into your career, this may be the “computer guy” for you. Just make sure you stick with this channel, as his others aren’t necessarily related to computers.

Downside: He can tend to rant, a bit.

4 – The 8 Bit Guy

So I picked 8 Bit Guy because, although a lot of his content could be considered “entertainment”, he covers a ton of old technology. I find that to be incredibly valuable for newer technicians who have never had the chance to see how computers and peripherals have changed. I love the opportunity to work on old gear, and this guy basically gives you that experience.

3 – Professor Messer

As far as pure information goes: this is the guy. If you are looking for incredibly valuable content, or are looking to study for certifications, look no further. He is a little lower on my list, not because of quality, but because he is very specific as far as what he covers, and there is very little entertainment value, as these are basically study courses.

2 – Hack5

This channel has a specific niche, and you guessed it: It’s hacking. It is both entertaining, informative, and they have a great shop.

1 – Linus Tech Tips

This guy basically created the Youtube computer technician space. I have been subscribed for most of my IT career. With over 9 million subscribers, he has built a huge business off of this channel. They cover everything from cable management, to buyer’s guides, to how Wi-Fi works. Their “Tech Quickies” are short tech explainer videos covering topics that you may not have even thought to ask. Many people would want to choose a smaller channel to put at the top, but this one has been in it since 2008, and I think they deserve all of their success.

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.