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What is an Optimization, and do I Need One?

The Clean Up

If you have kept up with our blog, you have likely heard us mention a computer optimization, or a clean-up. Throughout our blogs, we have made numerous references to getting your computer moving faster and working more efficiently but, I’m not sure that we have tackled what is entailed in this process.

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Still curious about what a clean-up or optimization is? Keep reading!

Just run Defrag, Right?


This may be the protocol for some computer shops or “tech savvy” people, but at Computer Depot it can consist of up to 30 steps or more.

First we run diagnostics to see exactly what the problem is, and that way, we know were to start. For example, there may be no need to run a hard-nosed antivirus if your problem lies within an Internet Explorer Add-on. At Computer Depot, we take on optimizations issue by issue, because there truly isn’t one set of programs to run that will clean up a computer. In reality, you want run programs, or manual repairs that apply to specific problems. This insures that your system is actually cleaned up.

For example, Ccleaner is a great program and it will clean up your temp files, but it won’t clear out your start up or reset your browsers. Getting rid of temp files is great, but your system still may take forever to boot, and this is where the knowledge of windows commands and processes will come in play.

The short of it is that there isn’t one magical  program that will do an actual full optimization of your computer like some of the TV commercials would like you to believe. It simply takes a human’s touch and judgment. There are also so many possibilities to the cause of a slow computer, that eventually, research is inevitable. Again, this is when the human factor comes in.

Research? Computer Technicians Should Know the Answer Right Away!

This is an impossible notion, as it is in any service field. Any computer technician who knows the answer to every possibility is pulling your chain.

Our technicians, are extremely experienced and most of the time may have an answer right away. They also  have access to very skilled managers who can help tackle new problems, but you have to consider the following examples:

  • Viruses and Malware are updated on a regular (sometimes daily) basis – forcing technicians to adjust removal processes
  • As your software programs (browsers, office, etc.) are updated, specific repairs to specific functions in that software have to be adjusted
  • You have seen how often Windows runs updates right?

This isn’t to say that we can’t find the issue and the solution. These examples are to reiterate that research for repairs are sometimes necessary. You may ask, “Well, can’t I just research this myself?”. To which I would say, “Absolutely”. Just remember that to research a problem, you need the experience and training to:

  1. Identify the problem and the cause
  2. Make a judgement call on whether that solution will fix the problem
  3. Will this “solution” cause other problems
  4. What happens if there is no posted solution
  5. How do you fix the problem you caused, by picking the wrong solution


You can ask any of our store managers about the list of possibilities that fly through their head when they are making a tough judgement call on a repair. It can be daunting.

You were Saying?…

Oh yeah…right.

The gist of it is: When your computer is running slow, we will perform and optimization to make it run faster. Much like an oil change or tune-up for a vehicle.

We recommend that a free diagnostic be done every six months to a year, for a check up, or as needed.

Wow….that blog could have been a lot shorter, if I had started with the last section, but we do like our customers to be as informed as possible.

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.