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Pokemon Go | Getting Started | The Basics

How to Get Started with Pokemon Go!

In this blog post, we take a look at the Pokemon Go App that has been exploding with popularity. I spent a few days with the game, so that I could give you a run down of the basics and how to getpokemon go, how to started playing Pokemon Go. I have also included some tips that haven’t been covered very much elsewhere. The built-in tutorial is extremely lacking, so I thought this might be helpful for you guys. We cover – the Map, pokemon types, power ups, evolving, items, the shop, pokemon rings, throwing curve balls, and pokemon footprints. Also, we take a small peek at poke stops and gyms. Let us know if you guys like this video and if you would like to see more of us covering gaming and apps. I have a huge retro stash of video game classics and new games, just waiting to be reviewed.


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