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QuitNow! Quit Smoking App Review

I am ashamed to say it, but I used to be a smoker. I was a tobacco user from around 17 years old until about 2 years ago.

That’s right! I quit smoking 635 days ago!

The App

Being completely honest, I have to say that I think the app did play a part in my success. I used succession products like the gum and the patch, but seeing the numbers from the app, really helped me feel like I was accomplishing something. Speaking of numbers, here is a screen shot of my homepage on the QuitNow! Android App.

As you can see, it lists the day you quit and the amount of days since then. It also shows how many cigarettes (based on the amount you provided), that you have avoided. Money saved, and time won back are also listed.

You will also notice that you can be awarded achievements, like a video game. I have to say that this is pretty rewarding, but you will miss out on some rewards if you don’t upgrade to pro.

You have a community of people who are there to talk with you. I didn’t use it much, but when I did, it was great to have someone who knew what I was going through.

At the very bottom, you will notice a section on health. This one (like money, which I will get to last) is very rewarding. You get to see how your health stats have improved over time. You will find my results below.


For me, seeing the money count was the most rewarding part over time. I even took that cash and started having it pulled from my account every week and invested into ETFs through the Acorns app. (Wow, that was a very millennial sentence). Read about that experience here.

Do I recommend it?

Like most of my reviews, this is a positive one. (I promise I will find something to hate on soon).

If it helps at all, even in the smallest way possible: Do it.

Anything that gets you to put down the death sticks that were sold to you by tough cowboys and cool camels…do it. I used the patch, the gum, this app, the gym, and I told my girlfriend to nag me.

I absolutely recommend anything that helps us stick it to big tobacco. However, I really think this app was integral on my journey to being smoke free. If you or someone you know needs to quit, please give it a shot.

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.