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“Sick of the economy? Shop local!”

I think pretty much everyone is experiencing at least a little disgust with the state of our nation’s economy right now. I have no intention to speak politically in this post; it is sufficient to say that our nation is not nearly as financially stable as it once was. There are still too many people looking for jobs, and too many still afraid that they may lose theirs. No one seems to have solid answers as to what it’s going to take to get our nation back on its feet. While I do not propose a sure-fire fix-all, I do know of one thing I would like to invite you to consider.

Shop local.

I never understood how important this was until I began to work for a local employer. Previously, all of my employments had been with large, national-chain type companies. When I was hired by a local employer, I realized that the local “game” is much different, because you serve more than your wallet; you serve the community in which you live.

On several occasions, Computer Depot has made very generous donations to local schools and local fire departments. Although we cannot support every worthy cause, we have supported possibly hundreds of school fundraisers throughout the years. Our sign has been on the fences of ball field, after ball field, after ball field. Our fiercely dedicated customer support has allowed many other local businesses with random, emergency computer problems to keep their payroll schedules on track. I cannot tell you how many times someone has come to me and said, “My entire business is on here! I have to have it back today, so I can do payroll! Please help me.” I am pleased to inform you that I know not of ONE incident in which someone in this situation was not able to complete their responsibilities. We bend over backwards and kick ourselves in the rear daily for such emergency situations. Call us Domino’s; because we deliver, and we do it all the time.

These are statements you could not honestly hear from our big-box competitors, who we do our best to separate ourselves from. Wal-Mart has a documented history of treating and paying many employees around the nation poorly and offering bottom-tier customer service. Best Buy, while a reputable electronics retailer, does next to nothing to help your local commmunity. Staples and Office Max–well, same story. This is not an attempt to bash all of our competitors. Quite the contrary–Computer Depot does everything it can to separate itself from them. We are a local employer. We service your local businesses. We offer tech support for free. You will never have to press 1 for English. You will never need to make a phone-call to India. You will never have to ship your Computer Depot laptop anywhere. We are right here, right smack in the middle of everything you care about.

I hope you will consider all of this when it comes time to make your next computer purchase. Be advised–if all you are interested in is rock-bottom, cutthroat pricing, you won’t find it here. Online laptop stores purchase laptops by the tens of thousands from their suppliers at a time and outsource their customer support to Bob in Connecticut (India). A local company cannot compete with that. While we do not claim to offer the cheapest prices on the planet, there are many other things we do claim. We claim to treat you with respect, no matter how much you do or do not know about computers. We claim to dedicate ourselves to making you happy with your computer purchase. We claim to be a phone-call away when you need tech support. We claim to have your broken computer ready in less than two days in most cases, not two weeks. We claim to speak English as a first language. We claim to offer common sense answers to your computer problems; and we claim to get it right the first time, or eat the cost ourselves in order to make it right the second time.

What does your computer store claim? What do they do for your local community? If the answer is “Not much,” look us up.

Au revoir,

Scott Davis
Store Manager and Lead Technician
Powell Location

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.