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Does Your Small Business Really need an IT Department?

*Teensy Disclaimer – Typically, we like to write our blogs on tech subjects that anyone might enjoy and take part in. This particular blog will be aimed at small businesses, but we welcome discussion from all of our interested readers as well.

IT and Small Businesses

I’ll begin by saying, that if your small business already has an IT department or manager, that’s awesome! It’s really great to have that type of help available at a moments notice. Most businesses may not even think an IT employee is necessary until they have had one, or run into dead server, new OS, etc. At that point, they may be thanking their lucky stars to have one. Some companies will even double the IT manager’s work load, so that in downtime, he can perform a normal employee’s work as well; and who is to say this isn’t a good option?

This blog is really for the small businesses out there who do not think it necessary to have any sort of IT employee, or simply can’t afford the man hours.

My Company Doesn’t Need an IT Department!

If your business or firm doesn’t use computers at all (which is nearly impossible, now a days), then maybe you are right. But, if you have client systems, servers, networks, routers, and so on: I politely beg to differ.

If you take for instance the cost of replacing a server that wasn’t maintained properly: An outsource IT Contract would have already paid for itself. Even if you just mount up the small things, such as how many man hours it takes to repair a system with no experience versus the small amount of time put in by an experienced technician. Experienced IT staff can help you in so many areas that you may not be taking into account. Lets look at some examples showing Inexperienced Solutions VS Experience/ IT staff Solutions:

EX. 1 – Your server is only displaying a blinking cursor. OH NOOOO!!! We’ve lost everything and we have to replace the server! Well, if you had an experienced technician handy, he may be able to pull the data, because you likely have a dead hard drive. Also, if you consulted with that technician before purchasing the server, he probably would have told you to build a RAID 5 or RAID 10 system, in which case you could simply replace the bad hard drive, rebuild the RAID, and be back and running within a day and saving thousands of dollars.

EX. 2 – The same virus is on ALL of our systems!!! We have to wipe all of them, and start all over!!! An experienced tech, may realize that your virus is actually malware and can be removed by the latest utilities. He/she may also realize that since the virus has been installed on several computers that there is likely an infected flash drive making its rounds in the office. The tech may even suggest purchasing write protected flash drives to use from then on. If that isn’t the case, the tech may be able to trace the virus from browser history and narrow it down to one computer and one employee, who could then be taught how to browse safely. This is called preventive maintenance, and would likely already be in place with an IT staff.

EX. 3 – My company is constantly giving presentations in the conference room using a laptop connected by VGA to a television, and I need a cost efficient way to get rid of all these cluttered wires!!! A technician keeping up with the latest software and hardware may suggest a Chromecast, which are wireless and cost $39.00. Just this type of consultation can save boatloads of money and research time.

Sure, and IT employee can be expensive, but there are many choices on the market. You can double an employee’s positions up, as I said before, but in that case you will likely have to pay that employee higher wages. He or she may even demand payment equal to both positions, but if you have a reasonable and talented person involved, it may be worth the pay bump.

The Cost Effective Solution

You guess it. This is the part where we shamelessly plug our business services.

Computer Depot Business is the one stop solution for all of your IT problems. We can cover you on both ends, meaning, our shops are a great place for drop off service if you don’t have a lot of technology to deal with on a regular basis. On the other hand, we have Computer Depot Business which exclusively contracts with small business to handle all of your computer and networking needs.

By having a contract with Computer Depot Business you can be completely covered so that our onsite specialists can evaluate, plan, and implement any technology plans that you may need. Our services include computer maintenance, networking, video security, digital signage, VOIP setup, and so much more!

FOR A LIMITED TIME – Computer Depot is offering a FREE 30 day trial of our business contract to qualifying businesses. To find out if your business qualifies, visit this link, here.

For even more information on our business services, please visit www.ComputerDepotBusiness.com. You can also give us a call at (865)947-0749 to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians, or visit one of our locations in Powell, West Knoxville, Seymour, or Sevierville, TN.

For the others of you out there who aren’t located in East Tennessee: the blog still applies. Although we do offer theses services, it was simply just a plug. The above is always good advice for a business who wants to be prepared, or save cost on technology and the imminent problems that come along with it. Always consider your IT!!!

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.