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Software Review: Google Play Music Part 2

Paying for Streaming Services

Google Music Manager, play music. streaming service

So, last year I posted a review of Google’s music streaming and storage service (which you can read here). This was part of my series in which I reviewed FREE software specifically.

However, there is a paid version of this service, just like many of the popular streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Beats, etc. Why, you ask,  haven’t written a comparison to those services? Well, I will cover that a bit in this post, but I do plan on reviewing those services as well, but right now….I am digging Google’s way to much.

Up until recently, I have only been using the free version to stream music from my actual collection on my computer. Like I explained in our past post, if you have just the free version of Google Music Manager, you can upload a restricted amount of music from your computer or iTunes, so that you can stream that music anywhere that you can install Music Manager. That in of itself is pretty cool, because I don’t have to bog my phone down with tons of music, and I can save that space for other things such as hundreds of pictures of computer parts.

Software Review, google play, music, streaming


What so Great About the Paid Version?

Well, for starters – that amount of cloud storage is now unlimited. I can upload all my music from my computers and iTunes to the Music Manager. This is the most important part to me. I typically listen to full albums. Meaning, I don’t jump around from hit song to hit song, so having all my records available is super important to me. This may not be the case for you.

Google Play Music, Review, Streaming Services, Software,Tech


For those of you who do jump from song to song: Music manager has basically the same features as other services, in that you can type an artist’s name, and listen to any song listed on the service, or base a radio station on that artist.

You can share playlists with other friends, and make recommendations, just like Spotify. However, I do like Google’s playlists a bit better than Spotify’s, in that, it doesn’t seem to be the same artists over and over. Pandora, on the other hand is typically just a loop of even the same songs.

The final and newest feature to Google’s music service is the Youtube Music Key.

This feature lets you add Youtube videos to your playlists, listen to them in the background, and all without adverts attached.

Artists Seem to Like Google

Google Play Review, Thom Yorke, Radiohead

Finally, and maybe most importantly, as far as I can tell Google pays it’s artists better than other services, particularly Spotify. We have all heard the controversy over how low the pay per play is for Spotify artists. Two very famous examples include Radiohead, and Taylor Swift. Albeit, neither one of these artists are starving, but particularly Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, took a stance against Spotify. Rather than putting his solo record on Spotify, he released it for free on Bittorrent, out of spite.

Both artists are available on Google’s Music Manager, which tells this guy, that Google is doing something better.

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