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Software Review: TeamViewer

Is it Remotely Worth it?

This software has been around for a very long time. I can remember installing it years ago, just to help some of my friends out when I couldn’t be physically at their computer. I honestly, do not have fond memories of the software back then.

However – after working for two companies that used ScreenConnect (now ConnectWise Control) and being behind the installation for one of those companies, I can tell you that the much easier and less cumbersome route is, without a doubt, TeamViewer.

Hate on it all you want, but my clients love the “grant easy access” feature which lets me access there computer anytime without them having to be there. I know…..I know….that smells like trouble, but, “with TeamViewer, both incoming and outgoing connections from users within your company and to your managed devices can be logged in the TeamViewerManagement Console”. Also, anytime someone is logged into another system, TeamViewer makes it very apparent to the user on the client-side.

Currently, my list of computers that I monitor and have easy access to, is around 55. That is amazing and incredible if you are a technician who wants to save your client’s incredible amounts of time. No one wants to sit on the phone with a client and fumble through a connection. It makes you look like don’t know what you are doing. Frankly, with TeamViewer, my clients think that I am a genius or a magician.

Pricing as of this Blog Post


Installation on the host-side is almost the same as the client side. You simply have to use the management console to tag the computers that you want to be a host. On the flip-side, ConnectWise required me to set up a computer at my location as a server.

This. Was. A. Nightmare.

Working with ConnectWise and my firewall was awful, and if any changes occurred to ConnectWise (such as the updates that cost money and were required for it to operate), I had to go through the entire thing again. No thanks.

On the client side, installation is also a breeze. They even offer a “quicksupport” option, but I have found that I don’t prefer it.


As far as I can tell, TeamViewer has most of the features that any remote support software can brag about.

  • Key Combos
  • File Transfer
  • Remote Reboot
  • Leaving Notes
  • Recording

I have found that they all come in handy, especially for a bigger business, where all the employees may not know you. In this situation, I have found it best to get in and get out, because I hate the feeling of interrupting someone’s day.

Final Rating

I love it. It’s incredibly easy, and the pricing is very affordable.

4.5 out of 5 mice

Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.