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“Stop Online Piracy Act” – Where do you stand?

I don’t consider myself any sort of political analyst. The truth is that I cannot bear to watch any news network talking about politics for more than ten minutes. I become so angry with the universe that I have to turn it off. I could never be a politician; everyone would hate me. I am much too conservative and my brain functions on fundamental common sense. For example, I understand that it is never okay to spend money you do not have. For this reason alone, I could never function in Washington.

Despite my lack of desire to become involved in politics, there is a very important bill being considered in Congress now. This bill will likely affect my day-to-day life, as well as yours. Anyone who has access to and/or uses the Internet frequently will be affected by this bill, should it pass. That bill is the SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act.

I am in the minority, and I know that I am. I am a highly tech-savvy computer user without a single illegal mp3 or movie download on my computer. Nothing that I own in digital form is not on my DVD rack in physical form. I personally believe that having such things is theft, and I promote the fact that it is illegal to have and distribute such material. Making and publishing good movies on a visibly public scale costs millions of dollars. Doing the same with music costs tens of thousands of dollars. Who are we to think we are so important that we should own this material that cost so very much to make for free? The fact that anyone would have this material and not pay a penny for it makes one a bit of a thief. I am convinced this activity costs the economy billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. I promise that I am not speaking to anyone in particular, and I would never make a big deal about this unless I were asked. But this is my blog post; therefore, my opinions go here.

The SOPA has far-reaching implications. In theory, it will give the government the right to block Internet traffic from YOUR computer, because YOU are attempting to download copyrighted material you do not own and you have not paid for. This means that the government could possibly moderate both Facebook and YouTube on a daily basis. Because of this power that must be made available to the government, the process of securing the Internet from hackers and other ill-doers will be greatly compromised. This means you will probably have more viruses on your computer, and identity theft will sky-rocket.

I have two opinions regarding this bill. #1: I hate it. I hate any bill that gives the federal government more power over the private sector. That means I hate a lot of things, including SOPA. I hope it does not pass; but from what it looks like, it will. There really is not much I can do about that.

Opinion #2: We did this. It is our fault. People who know their way around the Internet so well that they download thousands of gigabytes in illegal intellectual property (usually movies) a week. If the bill passes, we have only ourselves to blame. I am convinced that it is because of illegal downloading that truly talented musicians (including personal friends of mine) without beefy pockets are unable to get ahead of the bubblegum pop garbage we hear on the radio every day. It is because of illegal downloading that we see so few new successful movie directors, producers, studios, and actors. It is because of illegal downloading that the SOPA will probably pass, and the Internet as we know it will change forever. We did this. It is our fault.

I would like to know where you stand. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments sections below.

By the way, I hope I did not make anyone I know mad in this post. I promise it is nothing personal. 🙂

You can read all about the SOPA here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/16/sopa-internet-censorship-online-piracy-house-hearing_n_1098255.html

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