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Managed Virus Protection

True Protection for your System
Are you frustrated with irritating computer problems? Is your system running slow for no apparent reason? Enough is enough and technology should work for you. It should be the power tool that makes your life easier: not add more stress and worry. Most virus protection software packages can’t keep your computer safe.

You need to upgrade to Managed Virus Protection from Computer Depot, Inc. It can protect you from viruses, malware, adware, and scareware using enterprise level software to keep your computer safe. Having “Virus Guard” on your computer is just like having your own IT Department.

Why Managed Virus Protection is Better

Safer Internet Use

Browse the internet, check your email, and pay your bills without having to look over your shoulder for malicious software that can harm your pc.

Preventative Patching

Our preventative patching stays a step ahead of potential threats. This limits the exposure of your devices.

No Confusing Pop-ups

Stop unwanted and confusing pop-up ads.

Virus Guard Packages

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