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Windows 10 is Coming

July 29th

The Windows 10  free update to 7 and 8 users will be available on July 29th which is coming soon, so let’s talk about some things you may need to know.

After making it’s way onto the Microsoft staff’s laptops during Windows 10 development, this “Ninja Cat” has become incredibly popular. Microsoft is even selling stickers and offering it as a free background with the release.

Not Everyone Will Get the Offer on the 29th

Microsoft will be rolling out the update, so some people will get the update notification on the 29th, and others will have to wait. This may not be such a bad thing for those of you out there who will contemplating the switch. It looks as though 10 is going to be a much better replacement than 8 was, and if you are curious about the features you can check out our earlier blog post here.

But, for those of you either running a business or in doubt of software compatibility, you will have a full year to take advantage of the free update. After that, 10 will likely become the same price as its predecessors, and available through the normal ISO or disk installations.

I personally, will be installing it on my recreational computer, and leaving my business system with the good ole’ Windows 7 Pro.

Will My Computer Handle 10 at Current Specs?

For most people, this won’t be an issue. Unlike the old days; Operating Systems are being developed to require less horse power. Of course you can always upgrade, and I do recommend a solid state drive to everyone on the planet who doesn’t have one. Read about those here.

Below are the required specifications released by Microsoft:

  • Latest OS: Make sure you are running the latest version either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update.
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800×600


Can I go Back?

I don’t think anyone will want to go back to 8.1, but if you are curious if you can return your system to Windows 7: The answer is yes and maybe.

At Computer Depot, we can always provide you with an accurate backup and a Format and Reinstall as long as you have your product key. As for restoring the system, we aren’t quite sure at this point how that will work. Windows 10 may be installed on a separate partition or it my over write your current  OS. We just haven’t came across this information yet.

I always reinstall, just to go ahead and fully clean the system out at the same time. You can read my opinions on the Format and Reinstall here.

From what I have seen in the technical preview, I don’t believe most user’s are going to want to go back, but if you have any questions or doubts you can always contact a Computer Depot technician with your questions.

Like most things that Microsoft produces, the update may or may not go smoothly. Make sure to back up your data, or bring the system in to us, and we will make sure the transition is as painless as possible.


Caleb Humphries

Tech Specialist and Creative Developer. It's all about music, break/fix, network architecture, and old video games with me.