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Windows Blue (8.1)

windows blue

Windows 8 Update

Expected to debut at the Build 2013 conference in June, Windows Blue, is the update to the now infamous operating system, Windows 8.  Although it is known internally as Windows Blue, it will be officially refered to as an update or Windows 8.1. It will most likely be installed via updates, which hints to the fact that it will most likely be free to current 8 owners.

Here at the shop, I have heard one main complaint: “where the heck is the start button?” Well, technically it is there in the form of a screen, (you can even hover over the area where the start button used to be and it will show a clickable start screen.

Anyway, the start button will be making its way back to Windows 8, which is great, considering most of us have been reverting our mouse back to it for 20 years. Along with the start menu, Microsoft plans on giving the user the option of whether to boot to the start screen or the desktop. So if you are looking for the comfort of the Windows 7 desktop and start button, hopefully, this update will answer your prayers.

Another cool feature being added to Blue, is the further customization of the live tiles. You will now be able to re-size them, super-size them (important ones like the desktop), “snap them together, and even run more than one side by side. This will add a little more customization to the start screen, hopefully making a little more comfortable to play with. You may even actually be able to do useful things from the start screen since Microsoft will be adding more administration features to the Charms Bar. One of the biggest design flaws of Windows 8 was requiring the user to go to the desktop to change advanced settings. These features in Windows 8.1, should be more easily accessible from the Charms Bar.

A new feature that could potentially be innovative, is the ability to run two programs at once, side by side. With each app taking up 50% of the screen, you will be able to operate in both,  possibly giving the OS the potential to soar in the multi-tasking department.

Not yet confirmed is the ability to sync apps between devices, or at least the improvement of it. Maybe they should give Google a call on this one. The search engine giant seems to know what they are doing in that department.

Oh yeah, Internet Explorer 11……….very exciting…………right…………..anyone?…….. (Crickets chirping)…..

Yeah, no one cares about a new version of IE. It hasn’t worked well since IE8, and it wasn’t very good then. Luckily, Internet Explorer 11 will have the amazing ability to let you download Chrome.

So, Windows 8 may get better, and it may not. At least it looks like Microsoft is listening to the public and trying to fix the issues. Who knows….after this update, you may even like it.

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